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"You guys were absolutely amazing and helped to make my delivery exactly how I had wanted it!...Anyone considering having these ladies as your midwives, Do it!!!! It was the best choice I could have made."


We are a small group of registered midwives dedicated to providing excellent, holistic, family centred care to women and their families. Located in the heart of Langley (Walnut Grove), we are close to our mothers-to-be and ready to be present, empathetic and empowering during this exciting and important time in the life of a family.


We strongly believe and trust in the power, strength and ability of a woman as she moves through her pregnancy, labour, birth and the early postpartum.


We are passionate about our midwifery care and are sincerely honoured to work with women and their families as they move through this most transformative and rewarding of life’s experiences.


We Deliver.


Welcome to our  August and  September 2016 Babies!

August 2016:

Lucille Kiyoko Kingfisher, Cassandra Theresa, Lillia Brooke, Jocelyn Amy, Eli, Everly Clara, Millie Louise, Lukas, Isla Ashlyn, Josiphina, Imari Sage, Vincent, Dirk, Brianna, Holly Louise, Dawson


September 2016:

Georgina, Malachi Jacob, Zinnia Barbara Tomoko, Teddy, Isabel Marie, Martin Peter, Elyse Kathryn, Alexis Jordyn, Asher Fox, Finley Autumn, Luca Roberto, Grace Marie, Charlize Grey, Julia, Dylan Patrick, Bennett Brian, Leo, Noah, Cohen




Home Hospital SVD Forceps/Vacuum C-section Planned VBAC SVD Repeat C-Section
YTD 117 34 83 101 0/0 15 10 6 4
August 2016 14 4 10 14 0/1 0 2 2 0